Whoops, it’s been a while! It will, in all likelihood, quite often be a while – but I don’t mind multiple resurrections if you don’t.

I think my last post was somewhere in February, before a combination of tech woes/inherent laziness got to me. How’s about a bit of a catch up though?

His 'n' hers

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I read Marie Kondo’s ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying’ pretty much on one bus journey, and while my house will probably always be messy, there’s some interesting approaches to wardrobe clutter there. Number one being that you have to respect all your clothes, treat them well, and even thank them for their job – which is pretty hard when you’re just wearing stuff you feel obliged to. Coupled with spending a lot less downtime looking at ASOS et al, I really want to narrow shit down by the time I’m 30. Which is less than a year btw (yep, I also had a birthday).

Reptile-style | Trainers, Reebox x Crooked Tongues; Trousers, H&M

When I say ‘narrowing shit down’, I do not mean that I’m gonna exclude things like snakeskin Reebok Classics. In fact, the amount of botanical-print stuff in the shops right now is tiring out even an avowed tropical devotee like me, so I gotta go elsewhere for my decoration. I wore these with grey trousers, black jumper, blacker jacket, and purple lipstick – as far as I’m concerned, that’s minimalism.

LONG! | Jacket, Free’P’Star; T-shirt, British Heart Foundation; Skirt, Beyond Retro; Shoes, Juju
SHORT! | Pea coat, Uniqlo; Skirt, vintage; Shoes, Topshop; Hat, Beechfield via Amazon

In probably the most seismic change, I had a proper hair cut for the first time in ages. Partly because reasons and partly for the hell of it, but I like life in jaw-length land (I realise I’m wearing a hat in the ‘after’ photo, but you’ll see more of it soon enough). These photos were taken in a fairly warm spell in March, but let’s just pretend I’m not that late.

Peace out | Sunglasses, vintage; Bikini top, ASOS
Peace out | Sunglasses, vintage; Bikini top, ASOS

I also went to Florida and Copenhagen, although my ‘proper’ camera didn’t, so you can enjoy this fairly obnoxious poolside snap. Promise I won’t leave you behind next time…


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