Can U Not.

Necklace, $10, Wild Daisy
Necklace, $10, Wild Daisy

Today I’m happy. I found this little beauty of a necklace via means unknown, then didn’t buy it (in some pre-Christmas virtue), was heartbroken when it went out of stock (rightly so), and snapped it straight up when it came back in (as was always meant to be). For the grand total of just over a tenner including postage, I have a super necklace with a sentiment very close to my heart.

Acres of jumper
Acres of jumper

I don’t wear jewellery that often, so I’m more convinced of its talismanic properties than I should be – anyway, I’m hoping this will rid my days of all annoyances. There’s also something to be said for the marriage of gold (cough) jewellery and apparent vandalism, right? Such juxtaposition.


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