Someone turned off all the lights, right? It’s cold and Novemberish so only shiny things will do. I’ve finally joined the bandwagon I’ve been running alongside forever: sweet, sweet holographic nails.

Sparkle motion! Nail polish, £12, Urban Outfitters
Sparkle motion! Nail polish, £12, Urban Outfitters

I’m now in possession of THE NAILS I WAS BORN TO HAVE. Or, something like that. Ever since my sister gave me my first ever nail polish (Rainbow Glitter by Spectacular, fact fans), I’ve been set on this course. I am now myself, at one with my inner magpie. I know holographic nail varnish has been readily available for ages now, but I’m not too keen on mail order and 17’s offering didn’t seem up to much. £12 is a little ridiculous but it’s the real deal: my digits scatter rainbows, and I just wish I had some crazy acrylics to increase the sparkle. As it is, my purchase coincided with hacking my nails to within an inch of their lives – but you get the picture.

Godzilla vs. Carrot Fingers

Images ably backed by my paper placemats. I cleared the crumbs off for y’all especially.


4 thoughts on “Holodeck.

  1. This was my only purchase from Urban Outfitters the other day. Took me a lot of will power to resist buying everything in sight but
    holographic nail polish is a must in any girls collection right.

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