If Kleenex Were Wishes.

Getting decent visuals is the hardest part of blogging for me (you may have noticed), but for the whole past week it’s been decidedly nothing-to-see-here. Stuck with a cold, an eye reaction and a rapidly dwindling supply of Kleenex Balsam, I’ll let those tireless still life photographers do the work for me. Gimme:

Getting hella arty right now. Just humour me
Getting hella arty right now. Just humour me

Clockwise from top left:

1. Staring at Stars Leaf Print Shirt [as text]
I do love you dopey Urban Outfitters models, but I feel like this shirt is better hamfistedly cut into text. Every season there’s a particular UO shirt I want, and this time it’s this paisley/leaf number. It has a dipped back that I could do without, but it’s quite lovely IRL.

2. Melvita Extraordinary Water
HYDRATE ME PLEEZ. It’s not even icy outside yet, but my face is doing its usual autumn routine of falling off here and there. TBH I just like anything that has the audacity to call itself Extraordinary Water like some kind of relic. “Why’s your face so smooth?” “Oh, it’s my routine of Extraordinary Water and bathing in milk.” Yeah?

3. River Island Contrast Collar Shift Dress
I wore a this nice shift dress to a wedding the other weekend and it’s awakened something inside me. This one seems a little less formal and I’m thinking leather jacket, eyeliner, stompy shoes (as if I own anything else).

4. Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Eye Mask
I keep wavering between wanting this as a Chrimbo present and NEEDING IT RIGHT NOW. Supposedly binchotan charcoal is good at “deflecting negative ions in your home” which sounds great and futuristic and really I will try anything to get rid of this damned eye puff. Eye masks are also really good for allowing you to sleep through your alarm and miss all kinds of important things.

5. ASOS Africa Top With Check Double Layer
Okay. Am I crazy? The whole “layered so you don’t have to” thing is weird, but I do like this. Undecided.


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