Don't look down
Don’t look down

Not sure how much my love for Big Shoes has been documented here, so let’s get to it. The moment creepers made a comeback circa 2008 or so, I was enthused but generally scared. I wasn’t sure about the whole statement, and then I had an eBay disaster when I bought a men’s size 8 pair (grey and blush lovelies, we were never meant to be) so I decided they weren’t for me. Happily enough though, big soles stuck around long enough for all kinds of shoes to get the stacked treatment. I’ve still never had a proper pair of Underground-style creepers, but this lot have been keeping me company for the last few years.

Ramsey Dr Marten Creepers

Mud = love

These don’t seem so big to me now, but at the time I felt super elevated. You cannot go wrong with cherry red DMs as far as I’m concerned (I also like matching them to my jumper) and they’re classic enough to wear for as long as they survive – which is a long time, thankyou Goodyear construction.

Vagabond Dioon Boots

For tall days

Here’s where I properly splashed out on Big: 80 quid for heelz when I’d heretofore been notoriously allergic. Vagabond got it right though, and I’ve been running around in these since March/April time. I’ve seen girls all over in variations on the Dioon (they do sandals, shoes and zip-up boots as well) and always smile appreciatively.

River Island Jelly Shoes

Rainbow brite

I was able to wear these just once before autumn kicked in, but they’re chunkier than yer average Babe so I’ll shove ’em in here. Lovely icy blue tinge, lovely glitter, comfy as anything, and I really hope I can wear them again before May. Socks are my best friend.

New Look Chunky Loafers


My most recent purchase, and the pair that inspired this post. I was on the hunt for the loafers in this wishlist but they only had size 7, so off to New Look it was to get these beauties. I actually wasn’t sure at first because I loved the other ones so much, but I’ve been completely converted. They stay on my feet (life with big feet/tiny heels is tough) and look badass whatever I’m wearing. £25 well spent.

So there you go: clunky, chunky and unsubtle is where I’m at. Stillettos, flip-flops and ballet flats be damned – gimme some substance!


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