The Rough With the Smooth.

What goes on with my nails is basically a micro version of my flighty aesthetics, the flip between class and trash all played out between cuticle ‘n’ tip. This post could be about coats or shoes, but today it’s nailzzzz.

New Look: thee glitz
New Look: thee glitz

Exhibit A: I saw these nail wraps in New Look and immediately snapped ’em up (although tbh the Little Mix wraps were tempting) then stuck ’em on. Aside from looking pretty awesome they are THE ROUGHEST THINGS EVER. Two coats of topcoat tempered them a little, but don’t even think about running your fingers through your hair. Definitely not anyone else’s hair. Top marks for easy removal though, so for that alone they’re worth it.

 NARS: down the chippy
NARS: down the chippy

Exhibit B: After all that I was dead set on something smooth and classic, so I used my sole NARS nail varnish in ‘Dovima’. I’m still pretty bowled over by high-end makeup, so this hasn’t been used anywhere near as much as it should have been – but DAMN it is classy. (I’m also afraid of classy.) Glossy and sleek and about eight flipping chips in as many hours. Sorry François, you lost this one.

Moral of the story? Nails aren’t a moral issue. Get outta here and paint/wrap/glue ’em good. I’m on a blue tip next…


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