Stapled Down.

This is what consistency looks like
This is what consistency looks like. Shirt, Uniqlo | Nail varnish, Rimmel

Just replenishing my staples, guys! However popular those “what every woman should own” lists are, and however many times I’ve considered following their advice, my own wardrobe staples have just ended up being stuff I like, and think goes with other stuff I like. That’s how it’s supposed to work, right? Crisp white shirt and ballet pumps getOUTTAhere. I’ve worn some form of blue gingham shirt every fortnight or so for the past seven years, and acid nails are a) essential and b) “all the way at the end of your arms, so they can’t clash with your outfit!” That last quote a paraphrase of Scary Spice, who can’t have known the impact her words would have on plastic young minds.

September means excitement about new-season stuff, but also a return to my ‘normal’ clothes – I’m English enough to consider the sun some sort of novelty. I’ll return to my tried-and-tested, that have pulled me through the wind and rain for all these years and have never fallen foul of the charity shop cull. Having said all this, it’s not yet been cold enough to wear the shirt so maybe I’m getting this all wrong. Have a picture of me circa 2009 instead, wearing gingham and holding a plate of Cheez. You’re welcome.


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