The Best Intentions.

Aside from doing a good amount of walking, pub-lunching and holding my phone in the air for signal, I also spent a fair bit of time on holiday tapping out thoughts on A/W style. That whole back-to-school feeling that sees me trying to be all new-year, new-you. It’s why I first plucked my eyebrows fifteen years ago, why I walked into AS-level Psychology with half my hair cut off (literally, these were the asymmetric years) and why I really, really believe I’m gonna grow up this time. I’ll wear ironed clothes and have neat hair and not be distracted by silly crap OH WAIT THERE’S A HOT DOG JUMPER!

Sweatshirts, £28 each from River Island
Sweatshirts, £28 each from River Island

Whatyougonnado? Who knows what is hardwired in my brain to love trash, but it’s a strong urge. I mean, hell I was window-shopping Cos this morning but you just can’t beat it out of me.

Of course, there’s trash and there’s trash. I’m well aware that these River Island doozies have turned up after a long long trickle-down of all-over-print items and I’ve seen some polyester sweatshirts up close – full-on Monets. I’ve also had a bad experience as regards hot dog print – this Ashish for Topshop number had the most bizarre shape that just would not sit right.

We could have been so good together
We could have been so good together

If they’re decent IRL, the decision rests on hot dog vs macaron. I prefer the former to eat a million times over but the sheer brash UFO-ness of the latter is calling out to me. It’s so far removed from the muted, bokeh-laden images of macarons that litter t’internet that I feel pretty alright about it. Elsewhere on my RI browse, I was hoping from the still-life that this little number said ‘Pickles Youth’, but alas it doesn’t. Probs for the best, eh.


4 thoughts on “The Best Intentions.

  1. I totally get what you mean by the “new me” for when it comes to back to school. I mean im starting my second year at uni and have been planning my A/W wadrobe for nearly two months as I want it to be perfect. Going to a fashion uni also adds a bit of the pressure haha. but the only thing i will say is dont worry about what others think. fashion is about who you are as a person and it is a means of expressing how you feel haha. and although im 19 I would totally get that hot dog sweat shirt 😛
    I am a Swedish fashion student in london and would love it if you could check out my blog! 😀

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