Turtle Power.

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Monki Elli shoes, £35

As you’ve probably gathered by now, I’m all about patterns on clothes – but so far it hasn’t really extended to shoes. The tide might be turning, or I might just have been mesmerised by these plasticky beauties. They look a bit like an ashtray, and I’m not sure when that ever wasn’t a good thing.

I’ve missed out on a fair few shoes from Monki – most notably a hairy black pair that were as good as they sound – but now that sweet Swedishness is mine. Monki can do what they will with things I’d always previously considered as out-of-bounds – ask me about elastic on heels and I wouldn’t have anything charitable to say, but now it WORKS. Perfect tortoiseshell hooves, to go with awkward-cool Scandi-inspired outfits. Personally I’m thinking oversized denim jacket, midi skirt and the kind of updo I can achieve one time in ten.

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Pleasingly dusty

Heels aren’t a big part of my wardrobe, but I have a feeling of now-or-never with them – or, just maybe, now-and-never-again. Everyone’s making chunky platforms and relatively comfortable, if towering, shoes – I walked miles round Copenhagen in my Vagabond pair, which pack a hefty three inches that translates into almost nothing due to the platform. I’ve also got some heeled jellies (pro tip: River Island sells ’em cheapest) which have had a few outings, but I might just enjoy a couple of years of stomping around at 6’3″ before returning to the Flat Stanley brigade.

something else again

Just a note on the title – I’m aware that tortoises and turtles aren’t the same thing, but Wikipedia tells me that original tortoiseshell was made from turtles, so THERE YOU GO. Shrugs all round.


6 thoughts on “Turtle Power.

  1. Saw them in Monki the other day but couldnt think of a way to pull them off 😛
    also thought id say i really like your blog!
    im a fashion blogger my self and would love it if you could check my blog out haha! keep up the cool stuff!

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