Sweet Charity.

I made brief mention of a trip up north in this post, and true to form I did manage to squeeze in a few charity shops. I’ve come to a bit of an impasse with charity shop clothing: I’ve found a load of awesome things over the years (annual trips to rural Wales should take a lot of credit) so now things really have to stand out. I’m also gravitating towards the homewares section nowadays, so I’ve chucked that in in the interests of forcing you to read more.

A glorious cagoule.
A glorious cagoule.

This here reversible deal was pointed out to me as something I’d like, and I think it was the soft cuffs that really sold me. And a real good bit of angel-delight pink. And stripes. And the illusion of practicality. It is actually pretty huge, and the latest in a long line of these sorts of jackets that I always seem to lose/destroy after a few years.

Reach baby reach
Reach baby reach

Pyrex bottle for twee displays of small flowers. Or feeding that baby I had 29 years ago (a bit of Googling showed that half pennies went out in ’84). I do love a bit of moulded glass, me.

Cups of style
Cups of style

This tea set came with two more cups ‘n’ saucers, a sugar bowl and a milk jug, and sits somewhere between the enamel-mug craze and just nice, muted ceramics. This is Wedgwood so I’m looking forward to going down the rabbit hole of collectors’ forums and finding out when it’s from/trying to get the whole set. LIFE IS EXCITING.


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