Stamp Out Summer.

Thirty-degree lunchtimes are just fine and dandy, but I’ve been spending these past few hazy days learning that proper sunshine is THE ANTI-BLOG. I’ve been on a mini-holiday, being driven round the Costa del Teesside in a yellow droptop (no really) so I come back today with that most deskbound of posts: the wishlist!

Let's call this one "what heatwave?"
Let’s call this one “big shoes and boring dresses”

Heatwaves equal boring clothes. So does my wishlist, but the combo of anti-embellishment with some frankly silly tassels, bits and bobs is what I fancy wearing when it’s cold enough to enjoy dressing again.

Clockwise from centre:

Blue cameo embellished beanie hat, £12 River Island
I have beanies coming out of my ears, but I’m into the baby blue and a cameo makes most things better. Might be ripe for recreating with a £2 Amazon beanie and one of my many granny pins.

Moto indigo tencel shift dress, £55 Topshop
More Curiosity List than Wish List, but this is the kind of dress that could be amazing in the perfect louche way given the right drape/cut/colour. Which in reality prob means needing a much smaller waist-hip ratio, and spending at least five times this amount.

Black chunky cut out buckle ankle boots, £65 River Island
A style that everyone and their cat has made, but these have the correct amount of clump without being overwhelming. Oh and they’re cheap (don’t forget yourself, Helen).

Mesh elastic waist midi dress, £29 Topshop
Another sort-of-sack, but I love the silver-birch grey and it just looks really soft. That’s reason enough to want it, right?

Black patent chunky tassel loafers, £35 River Island
The kind of shoe that makes me hope beyond common sense that my stupid skinny heels wouldn’t fall out of the back of something so heavy. Perfect height, perfect stomp factor. Not sure what witchery River Island do to keep their prices so cheap, but for £35 I’m willing to gamble.


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