A First Attempt.

Just hangin' by this wall
Just hangin’ by this wall lookin’ squinty! Shirt and shorts, charity shop | Shoes, River Island | Socks, Primark

It’s hot, and it’s getting hotter. Day two of this weekend saw me in sandals and flippy shorts, but Saturday I decided to try out my first proper outfit post with a fairly unremarkable combo (soz guys). I could do with a little more practice anyhow, so it starts here. One day we’ll look back, and laugh. Go on! Laugh!

Apparently I walk like this
Ha ha

My shirt was a charity shop prize from last year’s family holiday in Dorset (Bridport, to be exact) and I love both its elbow-length sleeves and supremely faded floral/palm print, I’m guessing from a good few years of 60 degree washes with a bit of tumble drying to boot. Now it lives with me in my non-bio eco-wash household, hanging with its more garish brothers and sisters. Shorts are yr bogstandard highwaisted cutoffs, and the shoes are a kind of patent faux-DMs I found one day in River Island (who incidentally, have awesome shoe game). My socks are super but I couldn’t get a good closeup picture… Primark palm print you do me good.


Summer tends to be when all sartorial aspiration goes out the window, and I’m no exception: it’s either this type of baggy top/tight bottom or tight top/flippy bottom combo erryday. I will however aspire to bring you along for the ride, probs on weekends, high days and holidays. Here’s some front-cam gif action (with added Primark shades) to celebrate!

Do the selfie dance
Do the selfie dance

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