A Vintage Story.

Le chic touristique
Le chic touristique

Here’s a whimsical little tale since I didn’t muster the energy to blog on the weekend (the sun! it arrived!) and I thought I’d sketch out the origins of one of my favourite Tru Vintage T-shirts.

I’m seven years old, we’re in Portugal, and I’ve just learnt to swim in the hotel pool. On a day trip to the Algarve we walk into a beach hut/T-shirt shop run by some dude who knows the value in pester power. Whilst Britain raves in John Major’s back garden (that’s what happened in ’92? right?), mini-me asks for the T-shirt with the pink fish on it. I see: cute fish. Mum sees: an advert for smoking and some fairly tired gender roles.

Sleepin' with the fishes. Backwards.
Sleepin’ with the fishes. Backwards.

Steered in the direction of some TOTALLY BORING palm tree designs, we find that they all swamp me. Mum asks Mr. Beach Hut/T-shirt Shop what they have in mini-me size, and he rolls out… those damn fish. I’m delighted, Mum’s pressganged into paying, and I have kept it ever since in a sort of appreciation for the serendipity I once believed in, and the cold hard salesmanship I now recognise. Yay!


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