A Quiet Ode to Knee Length.

So, the world of skirt lengths is a game of thirds. Mini-midi-maxi goes the chime, but how bout the inbetweenest of them all? Midi’s undergone an astonishing rebrand in a few short years, after everyone discovered it’s the perfect length for teaming with clunky platform boots (not hating, I have these Vagabond beauties and I want to wear them everyday). But what about the knee length love? Apparently it’s raging strong, because I can’t get a good one for love nor money (or y’know, just money).

Topshop: GONE

The definition of knee length seems to be under some debate: Topshop calls em ‘calf skirts’ like they’re trying to promote lower-leg awareness, whilst Motel classifies theirs as a ‘midi’ (I think not). I just like how incredibly easy it is as a length: no requirement for cycling shorts at one end or big shoes at the other. There’s no such thing as ‘good’ knees so I’m all about embracing the knobble with a skirt that does what it’s told, swishes around (or puffs out) and doesn’t leave my mum scratching her head at the sudden drop of my hemlines.

GONE :'(
Motel: GONE 😥

I’ve missed out on the above, but my quest continues – mostly by refreshing Back in Stock pages like an F5 maniac. Eyes on the prize now, eyes on the prize.


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