Your Name Here.

HT = happy times

There’s something endlessly fascinating about personalised accessories. Name, star sign, birth stone: I’m on it, but having metal allergies and the inability to afford a proper April diamond, I’m not yet a walking invitation to identity fraud. I’ve ignored the former to stack these initial rings from Urban Outfitters and little heart from the charity shop, but angry blistered fingers means they’re decoration for my ring holder most of the time. I’m also on the H train with the above brooch from a Tatty Devine sample sale, adorning an H+M Kids bomber (I like to marry up my got-it-for-cheap items).

So good they named me twice

Two things I can wear on a more regular basis are my ‘Helen’ bracelets, both found on Etsy on unashamedly self-centred searches. The upper has been termed my “pub landlady bracelet”, and the lower is from Diament Jewelry, a veritable treasure trove of vintage name jewellery. Seems like Helen is a fairly old-fashioned name round most parts, so I’m up there with the Bobbies and Renees diggin’ our sweet arm candy – speaking of which, there is a Candy version that I consider totally suitable for anyone not lucky enough to have a ’50s teenager name.

That’s where my collection ended until a few weeks ago, when Diament’s owner Libby messaged me that there was a new lot of name rings in stock. After verifying their 14k gold status, I put in my order: I am nothing if not utterly predictable. Here it is!

Jazz hands

On my nails: Rimmel 60 Seconds in Man Overboard. Not sure what grey has to do with falling off a ship, but them’s the breaks and this does dry very quickly, thank you Drowned God.

Grey. Joy.

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