Cedar Wood State of Mind.

Dancing shoes
Dancing shoes

Big feet ain’t kind to a lady. The only shoes that go into the sale are platform stilletos for height I don’t require, and life feels like an endless parade of size sixes laughing in your face (okay it doesn’t, but nothing to get you down like rifling through a load of shoes and seeing that the ‘big’ size is only in relation to all those size fives). There are a few perks though, and one of them is Primark mens’ section. Somehow I always choose shoes that no man ever wanted: squareish cherry red brogues, seaside espadrilles, and these patterned lovelies all marked down from their original prices. £4 and £6 for the respective white and black versions, these faux-Vans have filled up my trainer quota for the summer and yep they’re a bit Jazztec, but that stuff’s fine when it’s confined to small doses.

In the interests of full disclosure, I should say that the above image is now a distant memory: I took the white pair to Found Festival across the road yesterday and one too many downpours meant that they now have an attractive spattering of mud. Still, in the wash and out again, and they’ll be as good as four quid shoes have any right to be. Sound!


2 thoughts on “Cedar Wood State of Mind.

  1. unff! Great title and gif. I bought some men’s faux vans from Primark and found they ran a little big, but they look so good.

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