Over My Shoulder.

Bag wearing 101
Bag wearing 101

Sometimes everything falls into place. After months of hauling round my laptop in an essentially unfit-for-purpose drawstring rucksack from Urban Outfitters and envying the sturdy Herschel designs, last Friday rolled around and I a) got me some learnin’ in the comments to Knapsack Nation on Into the Gloss, and b) stumbled across a better-than-half-price Herschel sample sale on the way to Viet Grill (consider that a recommendation). Plumped for the school satchel version – aka the Survey – which is both awesome for laptops and FLAT. It has got a front pocket, but at least this way there’s a hope in hell I won’t be filling it with almost everything I own on a daily basis.

On-brand visuals
On-brand visuals

Rucksacks/backpacks/whatever you want to call ’em are a funny one: oft-criticised as some sort of childhood throwback, they’re actually really damn useful – and aren’t adults supposed to be more practical than pesky kids? Eleven-year-old me had a record bag of unknown origins that became so heavy and ratty with use it was a health hazard, and did nothing for my gangly pre-teen look other than making it majorly lopsided. Year 9 saw me get a nice Nike rucksack, my name neatly inscribed with silver pen, and that was that. All growed up.

In the past few years I’ve gone through enough bagular (?) pain to impart a few rucksack-based pearls of wisdom:
1) Don’t buy a vintage fabric rucksack. That stitching is not up to it
2) If drawstring action makes your teeth feel funny, best get something with poppers instead
3) The only time that rucksacks are impractical is when it is HOT. If you lug your crap round for work purposes, I advise taking sick days any time it’s 25 degrees – totally rare, and therefore totally not irresponsible of me. Hey, live a little!


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