Primark vs Dell
Primark vs Dell

Doing a lot of ~life admin~ right now, which means I need a carrot ‘n’ stick equivalent to keep me going through the long form-filling hours. I might have just extolled the virtues of Reggae Splash but my attention span is short, and my £1 Primark nail stickers are just the sort of thing to make me feel vaguely human/ridiculous in a good way (see also Sainsbury’s Profiterole Dessert, but I didn’t get round to photographing that).

My third go with Primark’s nail wraps (second try here, first try lost in the mists of time) is probably the most silly yet, but I love a bit of cheering up when I look at my digits. Fun fact: my mum took me to see Blair Witch Project when I was 15, and beforehand I painted my nails a pulsing acidic orange so I could look down at them and be brought back to reality. In the end I didn’t really need it, and it might be for that reason I still think of it as a valid strategy…

Anyhow, here’s the end result: hit me with your overhyped horror movies. Look at their uncannily cute faces!

Hey lil' dudes
Hey lil’ dudes

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