Bank holidays are for new nails in my opinion: plenty of time to paint ’em, maybe somewhere to take ’em, and the feeling that you’ve done something really useful with all that time off.

Newness this time comes in the form of Rimmel’s Salon Pro in ‘Reggae Splash’, a most pleasant apricot. I was drawn to its peach-perfect shade as a kind of at-least-it’s-summer-on-my-nails deal, but the scorching heights of 19 degrees have complimented it rather nicely. Supposedly designed by La Moss herself, it wins against all my other pale nail varnishes by dint of actually being visible (Topshop Nails you’ve let me down one too many times) so I’m not too bothered about its supermodel provenance. I can only imagine it’s called Reggae Splash because Pina Colada is too overdone, and it’s another way of giving off that Caribbean holiday/beverage vibe, though I wouldn’t be too bothered if they’d called it Wetherspoons Pitcher – and surely Moss would approve.

In a weekend marked by a smashed blusher, dozy insects flying into my eyelashes and a not-entirely-intentional £50 spent in Boots, good old Rimmel have come up trumps. Fascinating aside: I wasn’t planning to “get the London look” at all and headed over to Barry M, but Boots have apparently yanked all their nail varnishes off the shelves for some sort of overfilling problem – further proof that generosity gets you nowhere.

Good lord my fingers are weird.
Good lord my fingers are weird.

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