Last First Day of Summer.

Magic steps
Magic steps

Nowt like a nice pair of new old shoes. Anyone who’s been to Brick Lane over the past year knows how friendly/fearsome Blitz can be with their 10% off vouchers, but it all paid off for me today. A nice neat pair of girly-loafers in the holy grail of vintage size 41, that I plan on wearing with jeans and one of my many voluminous granny-shirts on the usual tepid days of summer.

Summer bum
Summer bum

I also got a pair of trousers, which no doubt the mums of the world would term ‘natty’. Not quite sure why, aside from a recent illness and the subsequent desire to wear only comforting clothes that are dead easy to sit down in. These are elasticated to heaven and just tapered enough to avoid flappy-ankle syndrome, but I know shoes are gonna pose a problem – apart from sandals, and that’s all just wishful thinking for the moment.

I have a whole ‘nother essay to write on vintage clothing and my love/indifference relationship with it, but after peeking in Urban Outfitters to be met with the contents of Camden Market circa 1994 (the batik, OH THE BATIK) it was quite refreshing to see old stuff that looked old. Also I’m terming this 18-degree scorcher the last first day of summer: the last day that I’ll have any hope of new beginnings and a season of bare limbs. It is bloody summer now, I’ve got my ridiculous trousers at the ready, and if we see snow in July well that’s just the way it is. Not sure I’ve got this ‘friendly blogging tone’ thing down just yet…


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