Night Night.

Night shirt, £25, Topshop
Night shirt, £25, Topshop

So I bought a nightie. But I don’t spend £25 on nighties, therefore it’s a shirt. And what a shirt it is! Fitting neatly into the part of my wardrobe that approves of anything blue ‘n’ white ‘n’ floral all over, it’s too long to wear with shorts lest I look like I’ve got nothin’ at all on underneath, so it’s currently in the tuck it in/tie it up category. Funnily enough it’s taken a nightie to find that rare holy grail of NOT SHEER, but it’s still soft and lovely. And I guess I could sleep in it at a push.

This is the kind of post I’d like to illustrate with an outfit shot, but my house is rather full of stuff and nobody on Freecycle wants my coffee table and I’ll get back to you on that one.


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