Sports Cheeses and Me

Picture: Sports Cheeses Tumblr
Picture: Sports Cheeses Tumblr

Like a lot of people, I think the internet’s pretty cool. I use it, I scribble stuff all over it, and every so often it gives me a T-shirt.

I’ve been thinking about big plain sports logos a bit recently thanks to blogs like Helen Glory (stylin’ em out here and here) but wearing an actual trefoil/swoosh/motorway flyover* reminds me too much of when we were 13 and the girls who went to JD Sports hated the girls who went to Miss Selfridge (big times in Brent Cross Shopping Centre).

I ummed and ahhed over getting the bRiebok design for a few minutes but then thought what the hey ’cause a) I kicked myself for missing out on that Chicken Cottage x Chanel beauty, b) anyone who’s seen my House of Hot Breath tee knows I’m all about the food-is-fashion thing, c) it’s listed as SAPPHIRE on the website and there’s something about blue that’s getting to me this year (see my coat and water bottle combo from last post).

Anyways, it arrived yesterday and I’m happy as Larry/Jamie. No attempts at sports-luxe for me, ma’am: I’ll be wearing my rather-big size M tucked into a skater skirt or just billowing in the wind with a pair of jeans. Now I just need some Président…

* just what is the Reebok logo supposed to be?


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